House Republicans censor art displayed in Capitol building

There’s an area in the U.S. Capitol building, the Cannon tunnel,  where members of the House can display artwork created by their constituents. Democratic Representative William Lacy Clay displayed a painting by high school student David Pulphus. The painting depicts the civil unrest experienced in Furgason, Missouri after a white police officer shot and killed a black suspect, gentle giant Michael Brown.

House Republicans censor art displayed in Capitol building - Bent Corner
No X-Men, no peace!

The painting shows people in the street protesting. It shows two police officers depicted as wild boars. It shows a werewolf rocking some red sneaks. There’s also a black man nailed to a cross that looks like the scales of justice weighing the yin-yang symbols. There’s a lot of other things going on in the painting including one woman holding a sign promoting mutants or more accurately, the X-Men.

Although I think the artistic technique is somewhat crude, I like the painting very much. It’s interesting and provokes thought. That’s the greatest compliment that you can bestow on an artist, that their art provoked thought.

Ever since the art has been hung in the Cannon tunnel, it’s been taken down and put back up repeatedly. At least some Republican members of Congress have taken exception to police officers depicted as “pigs.” I don’t think of wild boars as pigs. Not really.

What if wild boars and pigs were the same things? So what?

To quote the great Devon Tracey: “Not All.”

Even if you depict two police officers as pigs, it doesn’t mean you’re saying that all police officers are pigs. One of the cops is pointing his weapon at the werewolf. Maybe that cop is only trying to protect the protesters from the werewolf. Sadly, unless he loaded his gun with silver bullets, his gun won’t do shit against a werewolf. The other cop might not even be a wild boar. He or she looks like a donkey.

Unfortunately, it looks like this painting is coming down for good. The Architect of the Capitol has determined that the artwork is breaking House rules. Whatever. It’s art censorship.

Censoring art is one of the worst things you can do. If you support art censorship, you might as well put on a dirty robe, grow a beard, and go live in a cave in Afghanistan.

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