Ray Rice punched a girl and he liked it

Ray Rice, star runningback of the Baltimore Ravens and mediocre runningback for my fantasy football team last year, reportedly punched his fiancee, knocking her out in the process, last weekend at an Atlantic City hotel. Surveillance video from the hotel shows someone reported to be Rice, carrying an unconscious woman, reported to be Janay Palmer, his fiancee. Police called to the hotel arrested Rice and Palmer and charged both with simple assault-domestic violence.

I don’t understand what’s so simple about it. Someone was knocked unconscious. In boxing, that’s kind of a big deal. In fact, when they tally up a boxer’s wins through out his career, they distinguish the ones that were obtained by knocking out the opponent as something special. Winning a boxing match by knocking out your opponent is considered the greatest way to win a boxing match.

Rice evidently committed simple assault by striking Palmer in the face with his hand.
Palmer evidently committed simple assault by striking Rice in the hand with her face.

Rice is scheduled to make $4 million in 2014. If the Ravens cut him, they would take a loss of $8.75 million in cap room. I think it’s inconceivable that the Ravens would actually cut Rice. He’s not the first Baltimore player to run afoul of the law, and I doubt he’ll be the last. Thug culture is something the Ravens excel at. They didn’t cut Ray Lewis and two people died in connection to his crime, an incident only he received an actual conviction.

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