Ray Rice marries the woman he knocked out

Baltimore Ravens runningback Ray Rice, a day after being indicted by a grand jury on charges of third-degree aggravated assault, married his long-time girlfriend Janay Palmer. It was Palmer that Rice allegedly assaulted last month at an Atlantic City hotel, punching her into an unconscious state. According to sources of ESPN, the wedding had been planed for a couple of weeks.

The timing of the nuptials seems kind of… strange. Rice and Palmer have been together for a while. The two met in high school and planned on getting married this coming June. The two already have a child. Rice gets indicted on felony assault charges, that if convicted, could send him to prison for up to five years. The very next day, he marries the woman he assaulted. Allegedly.

Now that Palmer is legally Rice’s wife, she cannot be forced into testifying against him. Not that the prosecutor really needs Palmer to testify. According to TMZ Sports, Atlantic City cops have the actual assault on video from a hotel security camera. Part of the video has already been posted on the Internets. It shows an unconscious Palmer being carried out of an elevator by Rice.

Last year Rice rushed 3.1 yards a carry, for a pathetic 660 yards. He’s scheduled to make $4 million this season. That is if he’s not spending the season in a New Jersey big boy prison.

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