Ray Rice implies his wife is a failure

Baltimore Ravens star running back Ray Rice appeared at a bizarre press conference yesterday with wife Janay Palmer. It was the first time either Rice or Palmer spoke publicly about a recent domestic dispute at a hotel-casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey that resulted with Rice knocking Palmer out. The entire incident was captured on really bad security video at the casino. A portion of the video showing Rice dragging an unconscious Palmer out of an elevator had been posted online by TMZ.

Rice was able to avoid a trial. He agreed to a diversionary program that once completed, will allow him to clear his record. It will be like it never happened.

One of the highlights of the press conference was when Rice began talking about failure.

I wouldn’t call Ray Rice a failure either. I would call him a man who hit a woman. That’s worse than being a failure. From Twitter: Rice knocked his then-fiancee down. She wasn’t able to get up, as the video shows. Rice had to drag her limp body out of the elevator. In Rice’s world, that means Janay Palmer, the mother of his child, is a failure. She was knocked down and didn’t get up. He must believe that, or he wouldn’t have said it. The Ravens must believe it too because they posted the quote on their official Twitter feed. Janay Palmer even apologized for getting knocked out. Sort of. Also from Twitter:

The role? How sad that a victim of domestic violence would take any of the blame for the violence. It’s ridiculous that this feeling of regret was repeated on the official Twitter feed of the Baltimore Ravens. They should know better, but I guess they don’t.

Speaking of knowing better, I wonder what Under Armor thinks about their logo being prominently displayed at a press conference for a man who would put their hands on a woman? The signage behind Rice and his victim looks electronic, so you’d think that it would have been removed before the event.

Maybe it should have been.

Update: Looks like the Ravens have removed one of the Twitter tweets.

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