Ravens release tight end Dennis Pitta

The Baltimore Ravens released veteran tight end Dennis Pitta today. Five days ago Pitta re-injured his right hip in practice. Because he broke his hip in 2013 and in 2014, Pitta signed a waiver after that allowing the Ravens to release him if he injured his hip again.

Normally an NFL team would not be allowed to cut an injured player without paying them.

Pitta made 86 catches last year.

The NFL is a nasty business. The guy gets hurt on the job, a non-contact practice, and is cut without financial compensation. He signed a waiver so it’s legal. It just doesn’t seem all that moral. It’s not the right thing, waiver or not. The man gave his hips in service to the Baltimore Ravens and this is what he has to show for it.

I’m sure Pitta has enough money squirreled away so that he never has to work again a day in his life. If he shows up working as a commentator on MASN, I guess we know that’s not true.

Hopefully he can call it a career and concentrate on not breaking his hips, something he normally wouldn’t have to worry for another 40 years.

I think what bothers me the most is that it’s not like the Ravens can’t afford to pay him his salary. They have the money. What this does is free up $2.5 million in salary cap money for this season. The salary cap is an artificial number protecting billionaires from spending too much money. It’s from the money men like Dennis Pitta generate by willingly breaking their bodies for our entertainment.


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