Ralph McQuarrie 1929 – 2012

Artist Ralph McQuarrie, the man responsible for much of the look of the original Star Wars trilogy, died yesterday in the Berkeley, California home. He was 82.

McQuarrie was originally a technical illustrator for Boeing. His prior work and training in aviation undoubtedly contributed greatly to his style.

In 2007, Hasbro released a special series of action figures based on the concept art of Ralph McQuarrie. The figures were released with the regular figures that year and featured different card art and logos. The photo on the right features McQuarrie’s original concept of Chewbacca. It’s also a special Ultimate Galactic Hunt version. The figure is the same, but the Star Wars logo is in gold and it featured a special golden coin. The Ultimate Galactic Hunt figures were fancier and harder to find then the regular Star Wars figures in 2007.

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