The Trump government shutdown is over

The Trump government shutdown is finally over. President Trump agreed to sign a bill that temporarily funds the federal government.  The president caved on his demand for $5.7 billion for a medieval wall on the southern border and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi agreed to allow him to cave.

The spending bill is for three weeks. This will allow Republicans and Democrats to negotiate on a more permanent spending bill. I think this is just a face-saving measure.  Trump’s not getting his giant wall and that’s the bottom line ’cause Stone Cold Nancy Pelosi said so. Something like that.

Instead of building a giant wall across the southern border, a more practical alternative would be to fund the construction and deployment of giant mechs on the southern border.  They would patrol our southern border looking for foreign invaders seeking a better life.

House Speaker Pelosi would never stand in the way of implementing such a project because it is giant mechs. It would be awesome. I’m already starting to feel more secure just thinking about it.

I blame President Trump for people crossing the southern border seeking a better life. One of the side effects of making American great again is that it makes more people want to come here. This side effect is one of the reasons so many presidents after Ronald Reagan (the first president to use the slogan) chose not to make America great again.  They knew only too well the problems it would create.

Luckily for us, there are no problems that cannot be solved with giant mechs.

The Covington students controversy proves people love fake news

This past Friday a group of racist white boys from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky surrounded a Native American elder as he beat a drum on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

These hateful youths were in town to take part in an anti-women rights march. After marching against women while wearing MAGA hats, they bullied this Native American elder, a Vietnam veteran no less and began chanting, “BUILD THE WALL! BUILD THE WALL!” over and over, drowning out the beautiful rhythmic beats of his peace drum.

Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress

BuzzFeed News reported last night that President Donald Trump directed his former personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about his dealings with Russia over a proposed real estate deal in Moscow.

From BuzzFeed News:

The special counsel’s office learned about Trump’s directive for Cohen to lie to Congress through interviews with multiple witnesses from the Trump Organization and internal company emails, text messages, and a cache of other documents. Cohen then acknowledged those instructions during his interviews with that office.

Also reported in the same article was that Trump’s children, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump were heavily involved in the Moscow deal. Donald Trump Jr. then lied about his level of involvement when he testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee in September of 2017.

It’s a witch hunt!

Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress - Bent Corner
Demon-Possessed Witch from Magic: The Gathering (Art: Ryan Pancoast).

From reading the BuzzFeed News article, it certainly seems as though Robert Mueller has the goods on House of Trump. If his investigation is indeed a witch hunt, it would certainly seem Donald Trump has surrounded himself with a lot of witches. I can almost smell the brimstone and eye of newt here in Hagerstown, about 80 miles from Washington D.C.

Does it even matter?

I’m not sure any of this even matters. I wouldn’t put it past Trump to not only pardon his children but also himself. The U.S. Constitution gives the president absolute power to issue pardons as he sees fit. It doesn’t say anything about a president not pardoning himself. The other two branches of government, the Legislative or the Judicial have the power or the authority to rescind pardons.

I don’t think the framers of our Constitution ever envisioned someone like Donald Trump being president.

Would Trump’s followers, the 39 percent of the population who support him, even care if he pardoned himself? I don’t think they would. I think they’d just chalk it up to owning the libs. They’ve supported him up until now. Why would this make them stop?


It now looks like this entire story is as fake as trickle-down economics. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office is disputing the entire BuzzFeed News story.

Welcome to the longest government shutdown in U.S. history

Today is January 13, 2019. It marks Day 23 of the Trump government shutdown. I began on December 22. It’s now officially the longest government shutdown in United States history.

How did we get here again? Trump wants $5.7 billion to build a 220-mile wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Without funding for such a wall, he will not sign a bill to fund the daily operations of the federal government.

Trump claims this 220-mile wall along the 1,954 miles that separates the United States from Mexico is crucial to our safety and security. That claim is odd considering his shutdown means members of the Coast Guard, TSA agents, and air traffic control officers are not getting paid during the Trump shutdown. They’re still working, they just not getting paid.

Not paying people who work for you is bad

Not paying workers who directly contribute to our nation’s safety and security seems like a terrible way to do things. You know who loves the fact we aren’t paying our TSA agents now? Terrorists wanting to smuggle weapons or bombs on board a commercial airliner, that’s who.

I not only want TSA agents to get paid immediately, but I also want to give them a raise to thank them for their service and to apologize for how badly Trump treated them. The same applies to the Coast Guard and to the air traffic controllers.

Donald Trump’s first Oval Office address

President Donald Trump delivered his very first Oval Office address last night. He talked about the “humanitarian crisis” taking place on our southern border. According to Trump, the best way to respond to the humanitarian crisis is to build a ginormous wall between the United States and Mexico.

When in human history did a giant wall ever solve a humanitarian crisis?

Trump loves walls, especially if they keep out brown people

Donald Trump's first Oval Office address - Bent Corner

Trump wants his wall so badly that he’s shut down the Federal government until Congress gives him $5.7 billion to start construction on his wall. In a sense, he’s holding our country hostage. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and Senator Chuck Schumer, minority leader in the Senate do not want to fund a wall.

Donald Trump's first Oval Office address - Bent Corner
Chuck Schumer looked like a badass. If Nancy Pelosi wanted to look like a badass, maybe she shouldn’t have worn a pink suit.

After Trump spoke about the wall, Pelosi and Schumer got their turn. Schumer looks in the above photo as though he just killed a six-year-old cancer patient’s puppy. He looks like he enjoyed it and that he’s chomping at the bit to do it again.

Pelosi and Schumer need to hold the line

I think it’s important for Pelosi and Schumer not to fund Trump’s stupid wall. If they cave on this, he’ll only take advantage of them and our country again. I don’t believe Trump cares about the unpaid and furloughed government workers. He put them into this situation by shutting down the government. I don’t think Trump even cares about our country. Trump cares only about himself. He’s a racist asshole who has a long history of only caring about himself.

Dark Matter - Bent Corner
Dark Matter Season Two.

I didn’t watch the speeches last night. Like most good Americans, I was watching Netflix. We’ve been binge-watching Dark Matter. We’re now on season three. Evidently, it ends in a cliff hanger. That’s not good because season three was the final season. I’m guessing the people making Dark Matter thought there was going to be a season four. I’ll read all about it when I’m finished with the season. Unlike my wife, I don’t google TV shows until I’m all caught up.

Once, twice, three times a Trump government shutdown

If you awoke this morning feeling off-kilter, annoyed, or as though something was just off, it’s because of the federal government shutdown that went into effect early this morning.

The reason for the shutdown is because President Trump declared he would not sign a spending bill into law unless it included $5.7 billion for a wall between Mexico and our southern border. The Republican-controlled House passed just such a bill, but the Republican-controlled Senate could not muster the 60 votes needed to advance the bill for a final vote. The final vote needs only a majority to pass.

This current government shutdown is the third government shutdown under President Trump’s astute leadership.

Once, twice, three times a Trump government shutdown - Bent Corner
Any wall built should not only be impervious to Mexicans and their delicious food but also to Titans.

Personally, I think this is a stupid reason to shut down the government. Although I think building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is even more stupid, the big orange man-baby we have as our president did run on building a wall. Elections have consequences. At least they should.

Let Trump begin building his stupid wall

Sadly, some people will not realize just how dumb building a wall on our southern border is unless we begin to build the thing. Let’s spend over $5 billion on a wall and see exactly how much wall we get for that money. Then, people can calculate for themselves how much it will then cost to repeat the process for the entire southern border.

Not capitulating to Trump’s demand for wall money could mean the government is shut down for a very long time. Are Senate Democrats ready for that? Is this something they want to find Trump on?

If the $5.7 billion sounds like a lot of money, remember that both houses of Congress already signed off on a providing the military over $700 billion for 2019. Compare that to Trump’s wall money, it doesn’t sound like a lot. Sure, it’s a waste of money, but so is most of the money going to the military.

If you ever want to see how the military wastes money, enlist in the armed forces.