Major League Baseball Players Weekend is horrible and I hate it

Major League Baseball Players Weekend is horrible and I hate it - Bent Corner

The visiting New York Yankees lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers yesterday 2-1. The real losers yesterday were not the Yankees. No, the losers were the people with optic nerve functionality watching the game.  That’s because it is the annual Players Weekend. It’s were players wear obnoxious looking versions of their normal uniforms. They also get to put nicknames on the back of their jerseys.

This year’s Players Weekend is a little different in that the teams all wear monochromatic uniforms and caps. The home team wears all white, the visiting team wears all black. Major League Baseball is forcing all teams to participate in this awful event.

I hate Players Weekend. It’s dumb and cringy. I refuse to watch any of the games this weekend. I don’t think the outcomes or stats should count during these two days. It’s unfair to the players and it’s unfair to the fans. You can’t convince me players are performing at their optimal best. How could they? The league is forcing them to dress like crazy people.

What bothers me the most about this annual event is the fact games are being broadcast over the airwaves. That means they’re also radiated out into space, traveling at the speed of light. If there is intelligent life in the universe, these advanced lifeforms will see what we made our baseball players do. They may judge us for it and take action against us. Could anyone really blame them?

Make sure to keep this in mind when they bombard the planet with high-density railgun projectiles.

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