‘Pistachio Girl’ fired for being a white nationalist

Emily Youcis is kind of famous for selling pistachios at Philadelphia Phillies games. She’s now also kind of famous for being a white nationalist. As it turns out, if you’re famous for defending the white race, you can’t sell pistachios for the Phillies. Who knew?

Philadelphia PhilliesAfter a story came out identifying her as a white nationalist, Aramark, the company that runs concessions at Citizens Bank Park, fired her.

It’s not like she was keeping it a secret. Her political views were in plain view on her Twitter feed. She also appeared at an Alt-Right rally in Washington DC after the election. She appears on a video interviewing people protesting against white nationalism and Donald Trump.

Not that the two have anything in common.

As an American, I’m sick and tired of hearing about race. As Americans, the color of our skin or where our ancestors came from is meaningless. There’s only one race, the human race. I hold no allegiance to my skin color. The only loyalty I hold is to my country and the people it consists of. My country is made up of all sorts of individuals, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

With all that said, I wish Aramark hadn’t fired Emily Youcis. Her fellow racists will now view her as a special victim. Firing her simply made her a martyr for her political views. Being fired also helps drive people with her racist views underground.

If someone is a racist, I’d rather everyone know it.

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