Phil Simms planning on not saying the word 'Redskins' during NFL games

Former New York Giants quarterback and current CBS color commentator Phil Simms has thought about it and he probably wont say the word “Redskins” during NFL games, even in games involving the Washington Redskins. CBS will be televising the Giants-Redskins game on September 25. If Simms is true to his word, he will go the entire game without referring to one of the teams by its name.

In other words, Simms will be collecting a paycheck without actually fulfilling his job duties. Being a professional color commentator means, among other things, that you have to specify the team you’re talking about when throwing down some color. Simms thinks he will refer to the Redskins as “Washington”. Can he even pronounce Washington?

Knowing Phil Simms, he will probably pronounce it as “Warshington”.

Simms’ in-booth partner, play-by-play man Jim Nantz, has a different attitude. He said that it was not his job to take a stance.

In other words, Nantz is a professional who plans on acting professional. Imagine that.

I think the controversy surrounding the Redskins name is silly. It’s been the name of the team since 1933. If the name is a slur, when exactly did it became one? For my entire life, it’s been the name of a football team, not a disparaging name for a person of Native American decent. I’ve never heard someone refer to someone else a “Redskin” unless they were a football player.

Words change. They evolve. It’s one of the reasons were aren’t all speaking Latin. Even if the word “Redskin” was a slur a long time ago, it’s not one now.

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