Petition to keep Dan Slott off Twitter

I feel like an activist! I just signed an online petition over on to keep Marvel comic book hack writer Dan Slott off Twitter. The petition was created by the good people over at The Outhouse.

The petition:

With Marvel’s general attitude of contempt toward fans, combined with their reliance on gimmicks, reboots, and super-mega-crossover events over quality storytelling, it’s difficult to enjoy their comics. However, that difficulty is increased if readers use social media and witness superstar Marvel writer Dan Slott being a total jerk on Twitter. Seriously, the guy responds to anyone who criticizes him or Marvel with vitriolic tirades, even if they don’t mention him. This is not appropriate behavior for a high profile professional working for a global corporation and the largest comics publisher in the US.

Surely, the Walt Disney Corporation has some sort of guidelines for its employees on social media. Are they just not paying attention to comics because the industry has, at most, 100,000 readers (if we’re being really generous)? Surely, they would not want their company represented by an irate comic book writer frothing at the mouth at fans, journalists, and anyone who gets in his way.

Marvel, Disney, make Dan Slott stay off Twitter. Honestly, we’re not sure how he even manages to write Amazing Spider-Man and Silver Surfer when he appears to be angrily tweeting at fans and journalists around the clock. It must take at least two hours to write Silver Surfer – one hour to watch an episode of Doctor Who, and one hour to adapt the plot to a comic script. How does he find the time?

The world would be a more cordial, pleasant place if Dan Slott stayed off Twitter, or at least followed some reasonable corporate guidelines to curtail his childish, abrasive behavior.

I think it’s strange that his corporate overlords haven’t tried to rein him in on Twitter. Some of the stuff he says is really quite peculiar and overly aggressive.

My favorite Dan Slott story was from about ten years ago. He went on file sharing sites and asked people to stop sharing his crappy comics:

I am Dan Slott, the author of THING Vol.2. And I am asking you to PLEASE stop downloading it. A lot of time and hard work went in to the making of this comic. How well it sells– the demand– the need for the comic, helps to determine what kinds of jobs I get in the future. In that sense, each comic that’s SOLD acts as a kind of vote towards my career– how high profile an assignment I’m offered– whether or not I should get a bump in pay– and so on.

By electronically downloading this comic– without paying for it– you effect [sic] my livelihood. Please stop. If you have downloaded this work, do right by me (especially if you enjoyed it) and purchase a copy the next time you’re at your local comic shop/book store.

DemonoidSomeone then posted a screenshot of his Demonoid account. He was an active member of the file sharing site and had shared over 10 gig of movie and/or TV files with other users.

He tried to justify it by saying that he only downloaded things (Swedish amputee porn?) he could not get on DVD because the content owners had not yet made it available in the United States. He argued that people who downloaded his comics didn’t have that problem, they could go into their local comic book shop and buy the comic.

I think he was ignoring the embarrassing stigma one would deservedly receive if they went into their local comic book shop and tried to buy a Dan Slott comic. Some people just aren’t up for the public humiliation something like that would cause.

By asking people to go into a comic shop and buy one of his comics, it was almost as though Dan Slott was advocating bullying. That was wrong back then and it’s wrong now.

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