People flock to Ocean City to better spread the virus

People flock to Ocean City to better spread COVID-19 - BENT CORNER
Ocean City, Maryland, May 23, 2020

People flocked to Ocean City, Maryland over the Memorial Day weekend. The weather was nice and there was a pandemic to spread. If you want to contract the virus could not go to Ocean City, fear not. These people will be bringing the disease home and standing too close to you at Walmart and Target.

The virus must flow

I’ve come to the conclusion there’s a large segment of the population that will not rest until they test positive for COVID-19. Until that special day happens, they will do everything they can to get infected. These COVID-19 chasers will go to crowded places to improve their chances. Those of us who very much do not want to contract COVID-19 must keep this fact in mind. We are very much not all in this together.

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