Penn State begins removing statue honoring man who protected child rapist

Looks like Penn State is finally doing the right thing about that stupid statue honoring the late football coach and protector of a child rapist, Joe Paterno.


Construction vehicles and police arrived shortly after dawn Sunday, barricading the street and sidewalks near the statue, erecting a chain-link fence then concealing the statue with a blue tarp.

A live video feed posted on the website of the Centre Daily Times of State College showed workers in white hard hats draping a plastic sheet over the statue, preparing for its removal.

Penn State President Rod Erickson said he decided to have the statue removed and put into storage because it “has become a source of division and an obstacle to healing.”

Yes, by all means, let the healing begin. Paterno and other Penn State officials allowed a pedophile rapist to get away with sodomizing young boys on school grounds, doing nothing to help the victims, but it’s the university that is need of healing.

These people just don’t get it. This stupid statue should have been removed the same day the Freeh report was released. I really think the NCAA needs to shut down the football program for a year or two. Maybe then they will begin to comprehend what their formally esteemed and respected football program is responsible for.

To all those Penn State fans out there who are upset with this news, just look the other way and pretend it’s not happening. That’s what Joe Paterno would do. 😉

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

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