How much does an American auto worker make?

With all the talk of a possible government handout for the American auto industry, I started to wonder how much an American auto worker who is a member of the UAW union makes?  From CNN Money: The current veteran UAW member at GM today has an average base wage of $28.12 an hour, but the … Continue reading “How much does an American auto worker make?”

This is a top job?

Hagerstown’s local newspaper, The Herald-Mail, has a section on their website entitled “Top Jobs“. I think they simply republish on their website the jobs printed in the paper version of the newspaper, but I’m not sure. While looking over the website this morning, one of the ads caught my attention.  It’s for “exotic” dancers at … Continue reading “This is a top job?”

Are comic books too exspensive?

A lot has been said lately on the seemingly never ending price increase with comic books.  What was once a fairly cheap medium has now become an expensive one. Or has it? Columnist Rich Johnson in a recent Lying in the Gutters column posted a chart showing the price of Amazing Spider-Man from 1977 to … Continue reading “Are comic books too exspensive?”

Beware of Finish Line ‘free trial’ magazine subscriptions

A few months ago, I stopped in at the Finish Line in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and purchased some t-shirts. While paying for the shirts, the person ringing up my purchase asked me if I would be interested in a free trial to Sports Illustrated. I thought about it, and I decided that I would. I figured … Continue reading “Beware of Finish Line ‘free trial’ magazine subscriptions”

The NFL has a steroid problem?

It looks like quite a few NFL players have tested positive for steroids. ESPN is reporting that the New Orleans Saints have three players, Deuce McAllister, Will Smith, and Charles Grant have tested positive under the NFL’s steroid policy. NFL players are taking steroids? What’s next, an ESPN report that players on the road cheat … Continue reading “The NFL has a steroid problem?”

Manage files better with muCommander

If you’re not a fan of your computer’s operating system’s file manager, you really ought to check out muCommander. There’s a version for just about every operating system known to man. Remember that alien computer system in the movie Independence Day? The one that Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum uploaded a computer virus onto while … Continue reading “Manage files better with muCommander”