1/18 scale diecast Mad Max Interceptor

This is a 1/18 scale diecast model of the car used by Mel Gibson’s character in the movies Mad Max and The Road Warrior. Its made by the Japanese company AutoArt. The Mad Max Interceptor started out as an Australian 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe. Like all diecast cars made by AutoArt, the car … Continue reading “1/18 scale diecast Mad Max Interceptor”

In Harms Way

This is an illustration of aircraft B-52G 0248. It’s too small to see, but the nose art shows that this aircraft had the nickname of “In Harms Way”. There is a story that goes along with the nickname. Then again, don’t most nicknames have a story? This is the B-52G that was accidentally hit with an AGM-88 … Continue reading “In Harms Way”

Luke Skywalker used to shoot these back home in his T-16

So this is what a wombat looks like. The mystery is finally solved. I found this photo over on Yahoo in the photo section of Yahoo News. This evidently was one of the most emailed photos for yesterday. I enjoy going there to see what photos people are emailing to each other. The photos usually … Continue reading “Luke Skywalker used to shoot these back home in his T-16”

Why does Texas have the Space Shuttle on their license plate?

I was driving through Hagerstown the other day when I happened to notice the license plate of the car in front of me. The driver was from Texas. At least their car was. It was a white plate with a tiny cowboy riding a horse. The was some oil derricks and some sage brush. In … Continue reading “Why does Texas have the Space Shuttle on their license plate?”

Brian Bolland and his Chicago real estate lawyer

This morning I found yet another email from comic book artist Brian Bolland concerning the whole issue surrounding my blog post over two months ago about a sketch he did at the 2007 New York City Comic Con. The email basically contradicts everything he has said about this matter up until now. He is now … Continue reading “Brian Bolland and his Chicago real estate lawyer”

Brian Bolland threatens me with legal action

This morning I found an email in my inbox from an attorney claiming to represent comic book artist Brain Bolland. The return email address along with his signature shows that he is from the Chicago law firm Klafter & Burke. Their website shows that they specialize in real estate and taxes. Evidently they are expanding … Continue reading “Brian Bolland threatens me with legal action”