The only true ‘nuclear option’ involves a nuclear weapon

Nuclear Option

From CNN:

The announcement sets Republicans up to change Senate rules — referred to as the “nuclear option” — to lowering the threshold of advancing Supreme Court nominees to just 51 votes from 60.

This annoys me. Changing the number equaling a majority in the U.S. Senate from 60 to 51 is not a nuclear anything: it’s basic math. A country with as many nuclear weapons as we have should never throw the term “nuclear” around unless it’s actually referring to something nuclear. We’ve used nuclear weapons before. Twice. We’re the only country in the world that can make that claim.

With that said, we should stop being so flippant with the word nuclear. We should only use that word when it actually applies to weaponizing the energy released from nuclear reactions.

A bunch of mostly rich, old men changing the way they vote on something is not nuclear, it’s just plain old democracy.  At least our retarded version of it.


2 thoughts on “The only true ‘nuclear option’ involves a nuclear weapon”

  1. Don’t forget about nuclear medicine which is the administration of radiopharmaceuticals into the human body to evaluate the function of specified organs.

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