Nintendo’s amiibo wave 4 hit stores today

Nintendo's amiibo wave 4 hit stores today - Bent Corner
Nintendo’s amiibo wave 4

Wave 4 of Nintendo’s amiibo figures hit retails today. You may see lines of eager gamers lined up outside your local Target in hopes of snagging an exclusive amiibo figure. Target is selling an exclusive Pokémon Jigglypuff figure today in their physical stores. The figure sells for $12.99 and will surely sell out in seconds.

The figures are unique in that they don’t just sit on a gamer’s shelf collecting dust and looking pretty. Each amiibo figure has a near field communication (NFC) chip, allowing it to interface with certain Wii U GamePad and the New Nintendo 3DS games. Not all figures are created in the same number. Some are quite plentiful, others, are much harder to find because they were made in lower quantities. Others, like the Jigglypuff figure, can only be purchased at a specific retailer.

Why are amiibo figures so popular?

I guess I don’t really understand the attraction amiibo figures offer. You could say that I’m not Nintendo’s target audience, but I do own a 3DS, albeit not the New Nintendo 3DS that interfaces with the amiibo figures. I guess if amiibo appealed to me, I could go out and upgrade to the New Nintendo 3DS.

I have to wonder if the artificial rarity that Nintendo has created has led to amiibo’s popularity. Are they hard-to-get because they’re so popular or are they popular because they’re so hard-to-get? Every store I’ve been in has some amiibo figures warming the pegs. They’re just not the hard-to-get figures.

I have to think that by Nintendo making some amiibo figures in far lesser numbers than other figures, they’ve made the line more popular than if they made all amiibo figures in the same quantities.

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