M Night Shyamalan claims 20 reporters told him they loved ‘The Village’

Aseem Chhabra of the Indian website Rediff spoke with M Night Shyamalan about his latest movie, The Last Airbender.  Among other things, he had this to say:

Yesterday I was doing interviews and I had 20 reporters tell me that The Village (2004) is one of their favourite movies of all times. That’s not what they said when it came out [he laughed somewhat sarcastically]. When it came out it was the worst movie of the year. For me it was my favourite movie I had made on all levels.

Not only do I not believe that in one day 20 reporters told him The Village was one of their favorite movies, I don’t believe there are 20 people on this earth that liked it, let alone it being one of their favorite movies of all time.

That’s just silly. It’s ridiculous that M Night Shyamalan would actually think anyone would believe this claim that 20 reporters told him this.

The interview also contained this wonderful quote:

I feel this about my movies, the fact that my name is on them, that means they are doomed.

Then by all means, stop putting your name on the movie posters. While you’re at it, stop putting yourself in your movies. I realize Alfred Hitchcock did it, but you clearly aren’t Hitchcock.

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