The NFL doesn’t care about gay people

The Oakland Raiders traveled down to Mexico City to play a home game against the Houston Texans Monday night. The Raiders beat the Texans 27-20, but the real loser that night was the NFL.

To schedule a game in the cesspool of a stadium known as Estadio Azteca is to embrace the homophobic chants from Mexican fans. In soccer, Mexico fans chant “puto” at opposing goalkeepers. The word is a derogatory slur for a gay man, specifically, one that has sex with other gay men for money.

FIFA, the corrupt organization that governs international soccer, has fined the Mexican football federation five times in the past 11 months for the chants. Their fans still do it. They do it at soccer games, and they do it at American football games. They did it Monday night, and they will surely do it the next time the NFL plays a game in Mexico City.

The NFL just doesn’t care. What are a few homophobic chants compared to the billions of dollars the league wants to make internationally? The NFL isn’t content with the billions it makes here in the United States. It wants to increase its already bloated revenue streams by marketing the game internationally.

The NFL plays games in London so that the games will air in China during primetime. Why settle for only selling overpriced replica jerseys in America when you can also sell them to football fans in China? Personally, I think this is why NFL jerseys are now made in Honduras and not China. It’s a lot harder to make quality fakes in China if the actual product is not also made there. If you’ve seen any of the fake NFL jerseys coming out of China lately, you know what I mean.

They’re really bad.

We know the NFL cares about fighting breast cancer because they sell pink colored merchandise with a portion of the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. We know the NFL cares about honoring US service members because they make military-inspired merchandise with a portion of the proceeds going to various military non-profits. We know the NFL doesn’t care about gay people because they play games in Mexico City.

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