The North Korea nuclear threat

From the Huffington Post: Though analysts said Sunday that they doubt North Korea has truly developed a hydrogen bomb, experts said the country’s nuclear capabilities were evidently improving. Kim Dong-yub, a defense analyst in Seoul, told The New York Times he believed the test on Sunday involved a “boosted” atomic bomb. Nuclear weapons expert David … Continue reading “The North Korea nuclear threat”

North Korea, Guam, and nuclear war

North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un has threatened to send four mid-range ballistic missiles over Japan and drop them within 18 to 24 miles of Guam. This development takes me back to the days of my youth. After joining the Air Force at 19 and attending electronic warfare systems tech school, I was assigned to … Continue reading “North Korea, Guam, and nuclear war”

Super Typhoon Haiyan hits the Philippines

A massive super typhoon hit the Philippines on Friday, leaving hundreds, possibly thousands dead. The brunt of the storm, named Super Typhoon Haiyan, seems to have concentrated on the island of Leyte. The Philippines is a country comprised of thousands of islands. This is a photo of Super Typhoon Haiyan taken from space: Photos taken … Continue reading “Super Typhoon Haiyan hits the Philippines”

B-2 stealth bombers fly over South Korea

The Air Force flew two B-2 stealth bombers from their home-base in Missouri to the Korean Peninsula and then back again to show North Korea one of the many ways the United States has to destroy it if it ever chooses to do so. This isn’t the first time the B-2 has participated in military … Continue reading “B-2 stealth bombers fly over South Korea”

North Korea threatens to nuke Guam and Japan over B-52 flights

Reacting to news that the Air Force is flying B-52 bombers over South Korea as part of military exercises taking place in the region, North Korea is ratcheting up the rhetoric directed towards the United States. The following statement was issued by the Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army and carried by the country’s state-run news … Continue reading “North Korea threatens to nuke Guam and Japan over B-52 flights”