Robert Bowers kills 11, wounds six in Pittsburgh synagogue

A Nazi fetishist named Robert Bowers walked into the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania yesterday morning. He was armed with an AR-15 and three handguns. He killed 11 people, wounding six others.

According to a social media post made by Bowers, he carried out this disgusting act of terrorism because the synagogue helped refugees resettle to the United States.

Robert Bowers kills 11, wounds six in Pittsburgh synagogue - Bent Corner
Coward and Nazi fetishist Robert Bowers.

From The Washington Post:

A man with that name had posted anti-Semitic statements on social media before the shooting, expressing anger that a nonprofit Jewish organization in the neighborhood has helped refugees settle in the United States. In what appeared to be his final social media post hours before the attack, the man wrote: “I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.”

Robert Bowers doesn’t like refugees coming to the United States. Where else have I heard similar anti-immigrant rhetoric?

Robert Bowers kills 11, wounds six in Pittsburgh synagogue - Bent Corner
Anti-immigration fanatic, President Trump.

Oh, that’s right. Donald Trump, our president.

I am becoming more pro-immigration

People like Donald Trump and Robert Bowers are making me even more pro-immigration than I was before. When I see who hates immigration in all its various forms, I can’t help but support it even more.

Robert Bowers is a fan of the number 1488

There’s an image on Bowers’ Gab account, the preferred social media of white supremacists, that shows the number 1488 on what appears to be a radar gun.

Robert Bowers kills 11, wounds six in Pittsburgh synagogue - Bent Corner

The number 1488 is a magic number for white supremacists. The number 14 refers to the 14 words of Adolf Hitler: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The number 88 refers to the eighth letter of the alphabet. “H.” It’s “HH” which is short for “Heil Hitler.”

I hate Nazi fetishists.

Making America Great Again one pipe bomb at a time

The FBI arrested Cesar Sayoc, 56, of Aventura, Florida for mailing pipe bombs to high-profile Democrats and CNN in New York. The people and the cable news network had all been targets of President Donald Trump, either on Twitter or at rallies.

As soon as I first heard about bombs being sent in the mail, I assumed it was a Trump supporter and I assumed they lived in Florida. Not only does it sound very much like a Florida thing to do, but the pipe bombs also had a return address belonging to Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democratic representative from Florida’s 23rd district.

One of Sayoc’s pipe bombs.

Sayoc didn’t even have the decency to spell the congresswoman’s name correctly.

I thought the FBI was going to slow its roll

I’m actually surprised the FBI was able to find the person responsible for the attempted assassinations so quickly. After all, he was targeting people Trump hates. Since no one had actually been hurt, I figured Trump and his people would get word to the FBI to put this case on the back burner. In Trump’s mind, I’m sure the bomber was sending pipe bombs to all the right people.

Cesar Sayoc’s van.

After arresting Sayoc, federal agents confiscated his van. It was covered with pro-Trump stickers and propaganda along with photos of prominent Democrats with crosshairs over their photos. His van was somewhat famous in Aventura. People would take selfies while standing in front of the van.

I’m pretty sure the van’s selfie career is over.

What is it about crackpots and their vans? I’m not saying every van owner is a weirdo, but it sure seems like every weirdo owns a van. When I was a kid growing up in the 1970s, I thought vans were cool. Now I just think they’re weird.


The giant migrant caravan heading to the United States

There’s a giant migrant caravan heading to the United States. It just crossed into Mexico from Guatemala and it now consists of over 7,000 people.

That number will surely get bigger as the caravan makes its way through Mexico. People the United States deported to Mexico will likely join its ranks. That’s what happened as it snaked its way through Guatemala, people who were deported back to Guatemala joined the caravan so they can return.

Some people making the long trek are seeking asylum.

The giant migrant caravan heading to the United States - Bent Corner

Evidently, President Donald Trump is miffed the caravan was not stopped at the Mexican-Guatemala border. In fact, he’s threatening to withhold aid from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador because they aren’t doing enough to keep their citizens from coming to the United States illegally.

I’m not sure how that’s going to make things better, withholding aid. If anything, it will only worsen conditions for people in those countries, resulting in even more people seeking a better life in the United States.

How do you stop 7,000 people?

I’m curious to see how Trump will stop these people from entering the United States. It’s really hard to humanely control 7,000 people. What if the caravan grows to 20,000 people?

Trump has threatened to send troops to the border. What’s the military supposed to do, kill unarmed men, women, and children with M1A2 Abrams tanks? Turn them back with B-2 bombers?

I don’t think so.

There are so many ways this situation can go bad. Having an ignoramus for the Commander-in-Chief worsens the situation by a factor of ten.

It’s impossible to exert your will on a crowd as large as it will be when it attempts to enter the United States. Unless you’re willing to turn such an attempt into a bloodbath.

Two men arrested for not buying anything at Starbucks

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross is defending the actions of his police officers after they arrested two men for refusing to leave a Starbucks after not buying anything. The two men are black.

From CNN:

The employees told officers the two men wanted to use the restroom but were told the facilities are only for paying customers. The Starbucks employees then asked the men to leave, but they refused, Ross says.

Officers responded and asked the men three times to “politely to leave the location because they were being asked to leave by employees because they were trespassing.” When the men again refused to leave, they were arrested “without incident,” Ross says.

The men were taken to a police station and released when it became clear Starbucks didn’t want to press charges.

Driving for Uber and Lyft, I often find myself sitting around waiting for a ride request. I try to stay in my car parked in a public parking lot. McDonald’s is a favorite choice of mine to wait for a ride request. Sometimes I go through the drive-through and get a coffee, sometimes I don’t.

I’ve never been asked to leave while just sitting in my car in the parking lot playing Candy Crush or reading a book, but if I was, I’d do exactly what was asked and leave.

That’s the thing. I cannot imagine being asked to leave by someone from McDonald’s and not doing what they asked. I really cannot imagine cops “asking” me to leave and not leaving. Police carry guns. I always do what people with guns ask me to do.

I’ve never walked into a Starbucks and just sat down and not bought anything. I guess I’ve always thought it was an unspoken agreed rule of living in a civilized society that you buy something before sitting down in Starbucks. Does Starbucks need to put up signs stating that its limited seating is for paying customers? I guess they do.

A big part of this story is the two men were waiting for a third man to join them. Did the two men tell anyone at Starbucks they were waiting for someone to join their party?

I’m not sure that the two men were black had anything to do with the incident. Then again, the two men were asked three times to leave Starbucks by the police and they refused all three times.

I’ve been told by groups like Black Lives Matter the police will murder black men without provocation and when they do commit murder, they are not held legally responsible. Because of this fact, black men are fearful of the police. It doesn’t seem these two men at Starbucks were at all fearful of the police. If they were, they would have left.

This incident could have been easily avoided. Even if they didn’t like coffee, they could have bought a $2 bottled water or a $5 cookie. If I didn’t know better, I’d assume the two men wanted to be arrested. That would just be silly, right?


Protesters have been pouncing on Starbucks. The guy with the megaphone is so woke, looking directly at him is like staring into the Sun.

Facebook shuts down largest Black Lives Matter group

Facebook has closed the largest Black Lives Matter group because the group was run by a white man in Australia. Even though the group had over 700,000 followers, Facebook deemed it inauthentic.

The group reportedly raised over $100,000 in support of racial-justice causes in the United States.

The group’s founder has been identified as Ian Mackay, an employee of the National Union of Workers in Australia.

Founder of the largest Facebook Black Lives Matter group, Ian Mackay, a white guy.

Why would Facebook even allow a user from Austrailia to create a Black Lives Matter group dedicated to racial-justice causes in the United States? One of the benefits of Facebook is users are usually who they say they are. It’s hard to be a troll on Facebook because of the fact each account is tied to a cell phone number. Did Ian Mackay have a cell phone based in the United States?

I would think that to create a Facebook group dedicated to Black Lives Matter, you would have to live in either Detroit, New York, Baltimore, or Wakanda.

Facebook is stupid. The fact that it’s been able to keep going as long as it has is really a miracle. There’s obviously a market for whatever Facebook is offering. Why a more competent company, run by competent people, hasn’t entered the marketplace and offered consumers an alternative, is a mystery.

The same applies to Twitter.

This isn’t how the marketplace is supposed to work. Companies that fail to satisfy what the market wants are supposed to be replaced by companies that do satisfy consumer demand. It’s 2018 and neither Facebook nor Twitter has any competitors. I find that weird.

And what’s it say about the real Black Lives Matter group when they get outperformed by some random white guy in Austrailia? Nothing good, that’s what.