New York Comic Con blames overcrowding on counterfeit badges

New York Comic Con counterfeit badges
The New York Comic Con

ICv2 interviewed ReedPop Group Vice President Lance Fensterman about this year’s comic book convention in New York City, the 2012 New York Comic Con. One of the things discussed in the interview was the crowds.

Since the New York Comic Con’s first year, in 2006, the convention has been plagued with an overcrowding problem. People with pre-paid tickets are forced to stand outside in long lines, unable to enter the Javits Center. In years past, the overcrowding problem was caused by ReedPOP selling too many tickets. This year, this wasn’t the problem. Instead, the overcrowding was blamed on counterfeit badges.

Lance Fensterman told ICv2:

I was very comfortable with the number of tickets I allowed to be sold. I think we have some issues around counterfeiting of badges. We confiscated a lot of counterfeited badges, and I think there are probably more out there. That’s a function of selling out faster and earlier than we ever have that we have to address.

Do I think it was too crowded on Saturday and Sunday? Probably. Do I think that’s a function of paying customers? No I don’t.

You have to watch out for counterfeit comic book convention badges

Counterfeit badges? Really? It’s 2012 and tickets or badges with barcodes are the norm. Don’t badges for the New York Comic Con have barcodes? Buy a ticket to any major or even minor sporting event, whether you purchase it online or offline, and it’s going to have a barcode. The ticket-taker scans your ticket with their handheld reader when you enter. If the ticket is legit, you’re allowed to enter. It’s been this way for so long that I honestly can’t remember a time when it wasn’t.

If counterfeit badges were indeed a problem this year, I blame ReedPop Group for allowing it to happen. They evidently designed a badge system that was too easily duplicated. Who’s fault is that, the people who purchased the fake badges or the organization that designed them?

The more likely cause of overcrowding was that they simply sold too many badges. Like they’ve done before and they will probably do in the future.

It’s what they do.

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