My thoughts on the new ‘Hellboy’ movie

I watched the trailer to the new Hellboy movie and I have to say, I’m not impressed. My problem with the new movie is Hellboy himself played by David Harbour.

I have nothing against Harbour as a person or an actor. I thought he was wonderful as Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Things.  Judging from the trailer, he doesn’t appear to be all that wonderful as Hellboy.

The problem is David Harbour is not Ron Perlman.

Ron Perlman is Hellboy

My thoughts on the new 'Hellboy' movie - Bent Corner
Ron Perlman as Hellboy.

It’s hard to see anyone play the title character of a Hellboy movie who is not Ron Perlman. That’s because Perlman’s portrayal of Hellboy was so masterful and complete. He brought to life the character from the printed page to the screen. To this day, when I read a Hellboy comic, in my head Hellboy sounds like Perlman.

My thoughts on the new 'Hellboy' movie - Bent Corner
Hellboy 2018 Winter Special

Much like Christopher Reeve was Superman, Ron Perlman is Hellboy. Warner Bros. has labored for years to cast someone else as the Man of Steel and the results have been poor to middling. That’s because we’ve all seen Reeve’s portrayal of Superman. We know what Superman should like and sound like. In short, Superman should look and sound like Christopher Reeve.

Only Guillermo del Toro should make a Hellboy movie

My thoughts on the new 'Hellboy' movie - Bent Corner
Guillermo del Toro

The first two Hellboy movies were written and directed by Guillermo del Toro. Maybe you’ve heard of him. He won the 2018 Oscar for Best Director. His wrote and directed The Shape of Water, winner of the 2018 Oscar for Best Picture.

Guillermo del Toro wanted desperately to make a third Hellboy movie to finish the trilogy. No matter how hard he tried, del Toro could not raise the financing needed to make a third Hellboy movie. Finally, in early 2017, he announced the hopes of a third Hellboy were dead.

Will I see the new Hellboy movie?

The new Hellboy movie is one of those movies I’ll let other people see. Even though I’m a massive fan of the source material, this movie is not for me.

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  1. New hellboy is ugly he sucks Ro pearlman eill forever br HellBoy…..none of original characters destroyes thr show…new hellboy is ugly with or without makeup lousy manly voice…i hate it will mot even pay a$1 TO RENT IT!!!!!!!!ONLY ONR HELL BOY AND ITS RON PEARLEMAN!!!#!!

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