New Era MLB ‘Duck Camo’ collection hats are awesome

New Era MLB 'Duck Camo' collection hats are awesome

New Era just released a line of Major League Baseball 59FIFTY fitted hats featuring “Duck Camo” fabrication. They feature a World Series patch on the side and an “iconic” pink undervisor. They’re exclusive to their website, meaning you can only buy them directly from New Era. They’re also only available for teams that have actually been to a World Series.

I don’t think these hats were made in equal numbers for each team

Some of the teams are already sold out in every size. The Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Astros, and Anaheim Angels hats are already sold out. Hats for the more popular teams have most sizes still available. That makes me think New Era made a lot more hats for the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Boston Red Sox. Teams with a large, national fan base.

New Era MLB 'Duck Camo' collection hats are awesome

I bought one for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The World Series patch is for the 1988 World Series. It’s the World Series Kirk Gibson hit the famous walk-off home run in Game One. Personally, I’m glad it’s the patch for that World Series and not the for the abbreviated 2020 World Series. The 1988 World Series, with MVP Orel Hershiser was a lot more iconic that last year’s championship.

Duck hunter camouflage is my favorite camouflage

I’m a fanatic for the old-school duck hunter camo. I think my love for it goes back to when G.I. Joe was a 12-inch action figure and came in a box. My favorite G.I. Joe came wearing duck hunter style camouflage. I once read that when U.S. Army Special Forces were first sent to Vietnam, they would first go to sporting goods stores and buy camouflage clothing to wear in South-East Asia. Camouflage intended for duck hunters was the only available camouflage at the time. I don’t know if this is true or not. It sounds like it might be legit.

If the U.S. Air Force had switched their uniforms from NATO Woodland to duck hunter, I would have reenlisted.

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