NASA attacks the Moon

NASA sent a rocket into one of the craters on the Moon yesterday on the southern pole. The goal was to throw up a massive plume of dust so that a trailing probe could fly through the plume and analyze it for water.

The resulting plume of Moon dust was over six miles high.

Water (H2O) is important because it’s so expensive to take up to space. I once read that it cost $50,000 to take one gallon of water to space.  Now I don’t know if that’s true, but I know that water is heavy, so in that regard, it does make sense.  With water, oxygen can be extracted to make breathable air.  Hydrogen can be extracted to make rocket fuel.

Water is important.  It would be so much easy to send people to the Moon for extended periods of time if they could harvest water from the Moon’s dust.

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  1. I never heard about the $50,000 dollars you said it costs to send a gallon of water to space however it seems to me the U.S. has burned up a lot of money and rocket fuel for little gain not to mention lots of people’s time including several people’s lives lost(what’s the cost of that) sending up the space shuttle since 1977. If they had been flying the shuttle to the moon for the past 32 years carrying water to parachute on to the moon by now they could build a pretty nice moon base and they would already have plenty of water there but ……..nooooo we were busy flying around the earth in a big circle to a space station (sometimes) conducting experiments that evidentially are secret because I have looked for a long time to find a list of the experiments and there are none that I can find so evidentially they were secret or maybe they were just totally beyond mere earthlings understanding. Most likely they are still secret because scientists were probably afraid of being criticized for some of the probable redundant and useless experiments conducted there if it was all on record. As I understand once you break into space it takes practically no fuel to travel great distances as so they could have done their little experiments while traveling to the moon then circled it and then jettisoned and parachuted water containers to the moon. Even at one gallon of water per mission they could have a lot of water stashed on the moon after 32 years. But I am just a non scientist observer and taxpayer so what do I know?

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