Nancy A. Collins calls for fellow professionals to boycott of DragonCon

Writer Nancy A. Collins has gone on Facebook and called for her fellow professionals to boycott DragonCon. The reason? Because of the popular convention’s continued financial relationship with its co-founder, accused sexual predator of teenage boys, Edward Kramer. From the original Facebook posted, republished by Stephen Bissette on his blog:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve decided enough is enough. Everyone tells me social media has the potential for creating social change never seen before in human history. Okay, then I’d like to test it by seeing if social media can cut off the flow of money from DragonCon to accused child molester (and the convention’s co-owner) Ed Kramer, who has been using the 150K+ a year he receives each year from DragonCon to avoid trial and manipulate the justice system to allow him free rein to prey upon children, even while under supposed house arrest. All you have to do is publicly declare you will never attend DragonCon again as long as Edward Kramer profits from the convention.

There’s more to the original post. You can either read it on Bissette’s before mentioned blog or on Collins’ Facebook page. I would link directly to the Facebook post, but you must have a Facebook account to see it and I’m no longer on Facebook.

Ed Kramer is a terrible human being. I couldn’t agree more with what Collins is saying in regards to DragonCon and its continued relationship with Ed Kramer. Even though DragonCon is something I would love to go to, I decided a while back that I wouldn’t attend the popular convention as long as Kramer has anything to do with it. That includes receiving money from the profits made from DragonCon.

As long as DragonCon is a revenue stream for Ed Kramer, it will receive no money from me.

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