MundaneMatt’s subscriber count is declining, but it’s not all bad

MundaneMatt’s subscriber count has declined steadily since word got out he was using YouTube’s flagging system to get revenge towards other YouTube creators. These creators dared to criticized his channel’s content.

To do something like that is a serious thing to YouTubers. It’s called false flagging. If you false flag a channel and its read by the wrong person at YouTube, it can result in the flagged channel getting removed from the platform.

It’s true that he’s been hemorrhaging subscribers, but there’s more to it than that. A lot more. The following is from Social Blade, a popular social media analytics site.

Is MundaneMatt’s channel dying?

The red numbers show how many people are subscribing/unsubscribing to his channel. The number has been in the negative since people found out about Matt’s fondness for false flagging other YouTubers. The subscriber count is actually meaningless. YouTubers don’t get paid by how many subscribers they have. They get paid for the views they get. In the case of MundaneMatt, his view count has gone up each and every day since this false flagging controversy reared its ugly head.

MundaneMatt is losing subscribers, but not subscribers who watch his content. People subscribe to channels all the time and never watch them. Also, he may be losing more subscribers than people even think, but this number is offset by the number of new subscribers he’s adding, subscribers who watch his videos. For all anyone knows, his viewers may not care he false-flagged other channels on YouTube. This seems to be a much more egregious crime to YouTubers than it is to normal folk. Plus, maybe his viewers don’t like any of the channels he false-flagged. Who knows?

Subscribers who watch your videos are the type of subscribers any YouTubers should want. These are the type of subscribers YouTubers should want.

There’s also another scenario that could cause MundaneMatt’s viewership to increase

There’s also another reason MundaneMatt’s view count is going up. By default, when you go to a video’s page to leave a comment, the video automatically begins to play. A lot of people have gone to each video he makes and leaving snarky, negative comments. How many of his views are coming from this? Looking at his public analytics, it’s impossible to say. I don’t think that would cause such a huge increase in his view count. Then again, if these same people are returning to his comment section, causing the videos to replay, it could add up to something quite substantive.

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