MundaneMatt apologizes to ‘Star Wars’ fans

MundaneMatt apologizes to 'Star Wars' fans

MundaneMatt (government name Matt Jarbo) published a video in which he apologized for criticizing fans of Star Wars. If memory serves, he called out fans who’ve been critical of the Disney Star Wars movies even after the cast for Episode IV was released. If his reasoning doesn’t make sense, join the club. He’s removed the video from YouTube, so I can’t rewatch it. Not that I normally rewatch MundaneMatt videos. I subscribe to his channel, but I rarely watch his videos, let alone rewatch them.

Here’s the apology:

I guess it’s just a coincidence the apology video is over ten minutes long, 10:01 to be exact. YouTubers make more money from advertising on videos that are at least ten minutes in length.

From We The Unicorns:

What The Heck Is This 10 Minute Trick Then?

The system is pretty simple: if your video is over ten minutes long – even by one second – or are exactly ten minutes long, you will make more money from the ads on your videos than you would if the video was shorter.

I’m very skeptical of a ten-minute apology

Even if YouTube didn’t pay its content creators more money for videos longer than ten minutes, I’d be skeptical of Jarbo’s “apology.” It should not take a normal human ten minutes to apologize. If Jarbo was sincere, a 30-second video could have more than done the trick. Every second past the 30-second mark, an apology, any apology, seems less and less sincere.

It could be argued that Matt Jarbo simply doesn’t human very well. I would agree, but the whole thing seems like a work. He first makes a video that infuriates Star Wars fans. He then pulls the video and apologizes for the original video. His apology video then comes in one second past the ten-minute mark.

I’m not buying any of it.

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