The #MoveTheNeedle Twitter comics campaign

The #MoveTheNeedle Twitter comics campaign - Bent Corner

There’s a positive Twitter campaign going on involving #ComicsGate. The way it works is this: whenever you buy comics based on the recommendations of people associated with #ComicsGate, Diversity & ComicsCapn CummingsYellow FlashDouglas Ernst, etc., you take a photo of the comics you bought and post it on Twitter along with the hashtag #MoveTheNeedle.

It hopefully shows that the same customers often maligned and disparaged by some (not all) comic book professionals because of their backing of the ideas behind #ComicsGate support the comic book industry by actually buying books. Imagine that.

Our comic book purchases are helping the comics industry by moving the needle.

It’s the mastermind of Richard C Meyer of Diversity & Comics. At least I think his name is Richard. Sometimes I think it’s Zack. Other times I think it’s Diana’s dad.

Here’s one I just posted on Twitter:

What I like about the #MoveTheNeedle campaign is its positivity. It’s not attacking anyone for supposedly supporting social justice infused books that nobody wants to read, or more importantly, buy. It’s showing the comic book industry that customers want to buy good comics when given the opportunity. Good comics sell. Bad comics don’t.

Hopefully, the #MoveTheNeedle campaign will make it more difficult for the comic book industry to dismiss the points raised by customers who support #ComicsGate. At least that’s the idea.

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