Mike McQueary is a terrible human being

Mike McQueary is a terrible human being
In 2002, Mike McQueary, a graduate assistant at Penn State, walked in on former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky raping a 10-year-old boy in the locker room showers and failed to do anything about it.

He didn’t stop Sandusky.

He didn’t call the police.

He didn’t take the boy to the hospital.

He simply turned around and walked away.

Later that night, McQueary phoned his father and asked him what he should do. The following day, McQueary contacted Penn State head coach Joe Paterno and told him what he witnessed. Paterno then notified Athletic Director Tim Curley the next day as to what McQueary told him he saw. The police were never notified. Nothing was done to ensure Sandusky never raped a child again. Instead, Penn State used the Catholic Church as an example and simply covered the whole thing up.

Mike McQueary could have stopped Sandusky from raping the boy. McQueary was a 28-year-old former college athlete. Sandusky was a nearly sixty years old and naked. There was nothing stopping McQueary from giving Sandusky an Old Testament beating.

If I had to guess why McQueary failed to do anything that night, I’d have to guess he was protecting the university and the football program. It’s no secret McQueary wanted to be a coach at Penn State. Witnessing the rape and allowing Paterno and Curley to cover it up gave McQueary leverage with the program. It’s no coincidence that he was hired as a coach in 2004 and has been working for Penn State ever since.

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