Me whining about the weather makes the national news

I blogged a couple of days ago about how annoying this year’s winter has turned out to be, and it resulted in me being quoted by NBC News. From the article:

Wether you’ve been hit by the polar vortex, punched by an Arctic blast, snowed in, iced over, frozen in place, left powerless or stuck at home, new research confirms it’s been a particularly fierce winter for most of the country, leaving many people in a state of general malaise.

“I normally enjoy all four seasons, but this winter has been mind-numbingly brutal,” said Rick Rottman, who lives in Hagerstown, Md. “I can’t count how many times it’s snowed.”

Mental health experts say they’re hearing much more grumbling about the winter season than usual this year, with patients struggling with lower mood, cabin fever and a sense of hopelessness. And a weather report nicknamed the “misery index” shows they have good reason: The Winter of 2014 is one of the most miserable on record.

Mental health experts?

The phrase “mental health experts” appeared in the article immediately after my quote. It makes me sound crazy, and not the good kind of crazy.

A. Pawlowski, the writer of the article, contacted me on March 4. She said she read my blog post about how miserable this year’s winter is, and she wanted to know what winter has been like for me and how frustrating it’s been. I finished the blog post with, “Winter sucks, and I hate it.”  What more do I need to say? Never to pass up the opportunity to complain to a stranger. I was a Good Guy Greg and complied with her request.

Snow Psychology: Wicked Winter Ups America’s ‘Misery Index’ [NBC News]

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