McFarlane Toys Batman Flashpoint figure is NOT in stores now

I saw this ad on my Facebook feed. It says there’s a McFarlane Toys Batman action figure from the Flashpoint crossover comic book event “in stores now.” It also says it’s only available at Target. These two statements contradict each other. If it’s a Target exclusive, that means it’s not available at any other store other than Target.

It’s not even available at Target until November 29.

McFarlane Toys Batman Flashpoint figure is NOT in stores now

Target says the preorders have sold out, whatever that means. Does it mean only a certain percentage of Flashpoint Batman action figures were made available for preorder?

November 29 falls on a Sunday. It’s also two days after Black Friday. Are we even having Black Friday this year with COVID-19 still a problem? Black Friday is a mess, even during the best of times. Throw a highly contagious, out of control pandemic into the mix, and Black Friday becomes even a bigger nightmare than it normally is.

I don’t even collect action figures. I don’t need to. I’ve been happily married for 22 years. Everyone knows men collect action figures to impress and attract the ladies.

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