Maybe Jesus does hate the New York Yankees

The New York Yankees’ season came to a crashing end last night. The Tampa Bay Rays defeated the Yankees 2-1. They will now face the Houston Astros in the American League Championship Series. The Yankees will return home and watch baseball on television.

The 2020 mini-season marks the 11th season in a row the Yankees have failed to go to the World Series. This fact is supposedly a huge deal to the Yankees faithful. Some say Yankee fans expect to go to the World Series every year. I’m not sure most Yankee fans feel that entitled.

Maybe Jesus does hate the New York Yankees

I’m still not convinced winning the World Series is that big of a deal this year. The season only consisted of 60 games. A normal, none COVID-19 shortened Major League Baseball season consists of 162 games. You can’t really compare this season to any other season. Not really. It was fun to watch baseball again, but at no time did I ever think the games were at all legitimate. Maybe it was the paper cut-outs of “fans” sitting in the stands or the fake crowd noise getting pumped in. I’m used to not seeing fans in the stands and not hearing anyone cheer. I watch Baltimore Orioles games on television.

Hopefully, next year will be different. We might have a vaccine for COVID-19 by then. Maybe if we all agree to vote for Donald Trump, he’ll give everyone some of his tiger blood. That would make us all impervious to the coronavirus and immune from paying personal income taxes.

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