Shoplifting cuffufle takes place at Hagerstown Target

Someone tried to shoplift from Target last night located behind the Valley Mall on Cole Road. The shopping center is actually in Halfway, not Hagerstown. When a Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputy tried to stop the shoplifter, the suspected wrongdoer tried to ram their vehicle into the deputy’s vehicle. Over something shoplifted from Target. The deputy reacted appropriately to … Continue reading “Shoplifting cuffufle takes place at Hagerstown Target”

Hagerstown mayor wishes for war to 'clear out' old buildings

Hagerstown mayor David S. Gysberts was speaking to visiting high school students from Germany when he told them that sometimes he wishes Hagerstown had a war to “clear out” old buildings. He made the comment after telling the students that he had seen photos of Wesel, the city in Germany the students were from, and he … Continue reading “Hagerstown mayor wishes for war to 'clear out' old buildings”

Former Hagerstown mayor promoted to General Manager of the Suns

Former Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey has been promoted by the Hagerstown Suns, a class A affiliate of the Washington Nationals, from Director of Sales, Marketing and Community Affairs to General Manager. Bruchey was hired by the Suns at the end of January by then General Manager Bill Farley. I wonder if Frarley knew he was … Continue reading “Former Hagerstown mayor promoted to General Manager of the Suns”

The day Superboy came to Hagerstown and received a 21 BB gun salute

I never liked Superboy. That was even before I knew he was a paid shill for the National Rifle Association. I wonder if he would feel all warm and fuzzy over BB guns if these kids were shooting BB’s made from kryptonite. Then they might put his eye out. I somehow doubt it.

My ignorance of Memorial Boulevard

An anonymous person here in Hagerstown responded to my letter to the Herald-Mail about the naming of Memorial Boulevard. The response was published in the Herald-Mail newspaper. This anonymous person, instead of actually writing a real letter and signing it, chose to respond to my letter by phoning it in. Seriously, they just phoned it … Continue reading “My ignorance of Memorial Boulevard”

Hagerstown’s Memorial Boulevard

I wrote a letter into my local newspaper last week, the Herald-Mail. The letter was published in today’s issue. The letter had to do with renaming a portion of a street here in Hagerstown in honor of Willie Mays, one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He actually played his first professional baseball … Continue reading “Hagerstown’s Memorial Boulevard”