Prepare thyself for White Death 2018

The weather people are calling for some brutal winter weather today. The National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning for all of Maryland:

..WINTER STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 4 AM EST FRIDAY... * WHAT...Heavy mixed precipitation expected. Total sleet and snow accumulation of 2 to 5 inches, and ice glaze accumulations of one-quarter inch expected. Elevations above 2000 feet could see ice accumulations exceeding one-half inch. * WHERE...Portions of north central and western Maryland, northwest Virginia and eastern and panhandle West Virginia. * WHEN...Wintry precipitation will continue through 4 AM EST Friday. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Power outages and tree damage are likely due to the ice. Travel could be nearly extremely difficult. The hazardous conditions could impact the Thursday morning and evening commute.

Although I’m a fan of winter weather, I’m not a fan of sleet. It’s the centrist of winter weather. Sleet is not rain and it’s not snow. It’s an unholy, wishy-washy combination of the two.

The Baltimore Sun thinks I want to see child actress crotch shots


I went to the website of The Baltimore Sun this morning to read about how the Orioles lost to the New York Yankees last night. I pay $7.96 a month for the privilege of unfettered access to their website without limitation. As I was finishing the article explaining how the Orioles lost in the 10th inning to the Yankees, I noticed a weird photo at the bottom of the article.

The Baltimore Sun

It’s a sponsored link that shows Marcia Brady (played by Maureen McCormick) from The Brady Bunch with her short skirt bunched up. If one looks hard enough, one can almost sort of see her underwear.

I do not want to see crotch shots of child actresses

Why is The Baltimore Sun showing this to me? I have absolutely no desire to see a crotch shot of a child actress from the 70s. Is this what they think about one of their own subscribers, that I would want to see this? What kind of creep do they think I am.

There’s a reason print journalism is a dying. It’s because of things like this. The Baltimore Sun has no respect for their readers, nor themselves. I’m sometimes approached by advertisers who want to pay me to include links to their products. I would never include a link like this, no matter how much money I was offered as payment. I don’t even want to know where the link goes to. Does this mean I have more ethics than The Baltimore Sun?

I would seem I do. How sad is that?

Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey is an idiot

Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey posted a comment on Facebook that implied the mayor of London was a terrorist.

Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey is an idiot - Bent Corner
Photo: Brittany Wedd

The mayor of London is Sadiq Khan, born to Pakistani emigrants in Tooting, South London. He is also a Sunni Muslim.

Mayor Bruchey is suggesting that since Mayor Khan is a Muslim, he’s a terrorist. What an idiotic thing to believe, let alone post publicly on social media. Only a microscopic fraction of Muslims are terrorists. Considering there are over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. If Mayor Bruchey was correct and every one of those Muslims was also a terrorist, by now the planet would be a smoking hunk of rock.

To imply every Muslim is a terrorist is like implying every Christian goes to funerals of U.S. service members and holds signs that say, “GOD HATES FAGS.” It would be an absurd thing to suggest. Absurd and stupid.

Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey is an idiot - Bent Corner
God didn’t say he hates fags, he said he hates figs because they’re so high in sugar. God tries to stick to a low carb diet.

The position of mayor in Hagerstown is honorary

Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey is an idiot - Bent CornerHagerstown’s City Council wields all the power in city government. The Hagerstown mayor is more of an honorary position. What happens then when the mayor is someone without honor? To post a comment on social media implying Muslims are terrorists is a very stupid and dishonorable thing to do.

Bob Bruchey lacks good customer service skills

Those of us who live in Hagerstown are Mayor Bruchey’s constituents. Another way of looking at it is we are his customers. I know for a fact some Hagerstown residents practice Islam. To post such an insulting and inflammatory comment on social media suggests at the very least, our major has no customer service skills.

Speaking of customer service, when Mayor Bruchey isn’t representing the people of Hagerstown or posting stupid comments on Facebook, he works at Hagerstown Ford as the Director of Sales. We’ve purchased three cars at Hagerstown Ford.

Hagerstown Mayor Bob Bruchey is an idiot - Bent Corner

After Bruchey’s stupid remark about Muslims, we won’t be buying a fourth vehicle at Hagerstown Ford.  When it comes time to buy another vehicle and if we decide to buy another Ford, we’ll go to Frederick to buy it before we spend another dime at Hagerstown Ford.

Jarrod Ramos kills five at Annapolis newspaper

A lone gunman, Jarrod Ramos, 38, of Laurel, Maryland entered the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis armed with a shotgun and killed five people. Two other people were injured in the attack.

Ramos has evidently has had a long-standing grudge against the newspaper. In July of 2011, the paper mentioned Ramos by name in an article about a criminal harassment case against him. He tried to sue the paper in 2012 and being the loser that he is, lost the lawsuit. The two individuals named in his lawsuit no longer work for the newspaper and they were not present yesterday during the shooting.

The victims include:

  • Gerald Fischman, columnist
  • Rob Hiaasen, editor
  • John McNamara, sports reporter
  • Rebecca Smith, sales assistant
  • Wendi Winters, reporter

We don’t have a gun problem, we have an asshole problem

Jarrod Ramos, 38, of Laurel, Maryland.

A lot of people will be quick to say this was caused by the easy access to guns we have in this country. They say we should ban all guns. I don’t think we should do that. We don’t have a gun problem, we have an asshole problem. Take Ramos’ shotgun out the equation, he still wanted to murder five people he did not know, five people who had done him no harm. Three old men and three women.

Every mass shooting in this country has involved an asshole with a gun. Recent estimates say we have over 245 million guns in this country. Considering that number, if guns were the problem, mass shootings would be a much greater problem. We would experience multiple mass shootings each and every day.

Jarrod Ramos is a homicidal asshole

Until we have a way of removing homicidal assholes from society before they commit murder, I wish the government would make it easier for law-abiding citizens to arm themselves. My greatest fear is that I will end up in a gunfight without a gun. When I die, I don’t want it to be hiding under a desk. First of all, I don’t think I’d fit under a desk. Secondly, I don’t want to die as a helpless victim. If I have to die, I would at least like to know I went down fighting.

Currently, it’s very difficult to get a wear and carry license in Maryland. The most difficult hurdle is you have to demonstrate a valid reason to have such a license.  Not wanting to die unarmed in a gunfight is not a valid reason.

If more law abiding citizens were armed, it might detur assholes like Jarrod Ramos from walking into a building and murdering people.

Today is the first day of Spring, but the snow is falling

According to The Fantasy Art of Frazetta calendar, I bought on clearance a month after New Year’s Day, today is the first day of Spring. With that said, it’s been snowing pretty good here in Hagerstown most of the day. And it’s not supposed to stop until tomorrow.

The warlocks and witches that work at the National Weather Service say we might get eleven inches of white death. They put the odds at 1 in 10. Odds?

Do people bet on the weather?

Even though I’m not very healthy right now, I went out and shoveled off the driveway earlier. I just pushed the snow off to the side. It seemed like only an inch or two of snow.

I’m one of those weirdos who like snow. I like the cold and I like snow. I like watching it fall and I even like driving in it. I’m not into skiing or snowboarding. I tried skiing only once and didn’t care for it. The actual skiing was fun, the not being able to stop when I wanted to part was not fun.

Hagerstown welcomes its new electronic overlords, red light cameras

Hagerstown began issuing $75 tickets yesterday based on the findings from its shiny new red-light cameras. The cameras are installed on Potomac Street and Wilson Boulevard and Virginia Avenue and Burhans Boulevard.

I’m actually happy about this. People in Hagerstown are terrible drivers. I only hope city officials can handle the huge influx of money.

I would go even further. Instead of having two stationary cameras at intersections known for people running red lights, I would empower the people to enforce basic traffic laws.

Transcend DrivePro 220 3.0 MP Dashboard Camera – 1080p

With quality dashcams being cheaper than ever before, I would initiate a program where normal citizens could upload video clips of drivers breaking the law. The city or the county could then split the fine collected with the person who uploaded the video.

A person could make a small fortune driving around Hagerstown with a dashcam, snitching on their fellow citizens, if a program like this was ever instituted.

Top photo courtesy of the Herald-Mail, Hagerstown’s premier newspaper.