Maryland Governor Larry Hogan issues a ‘mandatory’ stay-at-home order

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan issues a 'mandatory' stay at home order - Bent Corner
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan issued a mandatory stay-at-home order beginning at 8 PM this evening. You can read the order here. You must stay at home unless you are traveling to or from so-called “essential activities.”

Reading over the document, it’s clear the Maryland stay-at-home order is rife with giant loopholes so massive you could drive a Jawa Sandcrawler through them. In other words, just like all the other edits issued forth by our governor.

When this pandemic is finally over and if anyone is still alive, they will have to come up with another word for “essential.” They’ve made the word meaningless. For example, we’re pretending that fast-food restaurants are somehow essential. Same with liquor stores and car dealerships. Likewise, auto parts stores, and home improvement stores. The list of businesses that are considered essential is huge. It would be a much shorter list if you just made a list of nonessential businesses or activities.

Walmart is one of the winners in this pandemic

Book stores were deemed nonessential and forced to close some time ago. You can still buy books. You just have to go to Walmart to buy them. Walmart was deemed essential because they sell groceries and pharmaceutical goods. They’re also allowed to sell all the other nonsensical crap they normally sell on a daily basis. Walmart also doesn’t have to obey the rule about having no more than 10 people gathering at one location. Walmart is allowed to cram as many people as they wish in their buildings. This applies to both customers and employees.

If you get cited for not obeying the Maryland stay-at-home order, you’re stupid

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan issues a 'mandatory' stay-at-home order - Bent Corner
Maryland State Police car.

I cannot imagine anyone getting into legal trouble of ignoring this stay-at-home order. If you get pulled over by law enforcement for not being home, just tell the cop you just left Walmart looking for Hot Wheels. Then tell them you’re heading to Taco Bell. Do that and you are in full legal compliance with the Maryland order.

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