Marco Rubio shows how the United States is not great

Marco Rubio shows how the United States is not great - Bent Corner

People used to say the United States is the greatest country in the world. It’s something I myself have said. The COVID-19 pandemic and how the United States responded to it is the only proof anyone needs to know this claim is entirely false.

Marco Rubio is a COVID-19 denier

Case in point. Someone like U.S. Senator Marco Rubio gets to jump to the front of the vaccine line. Funny, I don’t remember the CDC saying privileged politicians and their immediate family would get the vaccine first before medical workers and older people with health problems.

Rubio is 49 years old and has no compromising health problems. He has also attended Trump rallies where he and others were not wearing a mask or practicing social distancing. Rubio has also spoken out against restrictions designed to keep people safe during the pandemic. In fact, he tweeted this comment this morning:

Marco Rubio shows how the United States is not great - Bent Corner
Maro Rubio is a privileged hypocrite.

The fact that he could tweet something like that with the Pfizer vaccine pumping through his bloodstream demonstrates just how great this country really is. I’d love not to stay at home. If I could get vaccinated like Marco Rubio, I wouldn’t.

I would love nothing more than to return to being a rideshare driver. You know those who say you cannot make money driving as an independent contractor for Uber or Lyft? Those people are lying. They either have an agenda or are just really bad at rideshare driving. The hard truth is I made more money every week as an independent contractor driving for Uber and Lyft than when I had a conventual, clock-punching job. I did it by setting my own hours and never working weekends. Good times.

I miss driving rideshare

It's not safe to drive for Uber or Lyft during the COVID-19 pandemic

Early on in the pandemic, I realized that I could not drive rideshare. I have underlying health problems. Additionally, my wife’s 75-year-old mother lives with us. If I were to contract COVID-19 and bring it home, it could kill her. My last day of rideshare driving was March 13.

I miss driving. Meeting people and getting to talk to them was something I enjoyed. I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment I got when going out each day. I treated most days like it was a video game where I was constantly trying to better my high score. Some days I would concentrate on money earned. Other days I would concentrate on the total rides given. What can I say? It was fun.

I also enjoyed getting better at it. I would think about prior rides and look for things I could do better. One of the skills I mastered early on was quickly assessing if someone wanted to talk or be left alone. I liked the process of working on getting better at a skill.

People who refuse to take COVID-19 seriously make me mad

Here I am, thinking about people not taking COVID-19 seriously.

After I had to stop driving, I found myself getting quite bitter. I grew to hate the people who refused to take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. The people who refused to wear a mask and refused to adhere to social distancing guidelines. People like Marco Rubio. I felt like I had to quit driving because these COVID-19 deniers refused to act responsibly.

The idea that Marco Rubio would get to jump the vaccine line while people like my brother, who works in a hospital in Los Angeles County, has to wait for his vaccination demonstrates just how “great” this country really is.

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