How to make better Amazon affiliate links

If you take part in Associates Central, Amazon’s affiliate program, you probably already know that the official tool for creating Amazon affiliate links is awful. It’s bloated and includes a lot of unnecessary code. Here’s the HTML code it generated to create a simple text link for Ancillary Justice, a sci-fi novel I’m reading:

Amazon affiliate link

This code generated by Amazon annoys me. This is a text link, but it has a lot of inline style information that’s not needed.

A better, most efficient way of adding an Amazon affiliate link is to just code it yourself the old-fashioned way. All you have to do is include the following URL to the title, word, product, or image you want to link to:

Replace ASIN with the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) of what you are linking to. Then, replace your_Associates_ID with your associates ID. Finally, replace Product Name with the word or the image you are posting to.

Clicking on the link takes you to the product’s detail page.

That’s it.

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