Magic: The Counterfeiting

Evidently there is a custom playing card company in China, Shenzhen Wangjing Printing Co., that is producing and selling high-quality Magic: The Gathering counterfeit cards. The company was selling them on their website, but has since removed all traces of them. The fakes are different from any of the other previous counterfeit Magic: The Gathering cards produced in that they are very hard to identify; they look almost identical to legitimate cards.

The only real noticeable difference between a counterfeit and a real card is at the bottom where the copyright information is printed. How ironic that the one flaw the fake cards have is where it displays the copyright information. The counterfeit cards seem to have a lighter font used for the copyright information when compared to real cards. Here is a photo posted on Tumblr by Polish Tamales:


I don’t see how a normal human being is supposed to be able to distinguish a fake card from a real card, especially if they can’t physically look at the card with a magnifying glass or a jeweler’s loupe. With the introduction of these high-quality fakes into the marketplace, I don’t see how anyone can safely purchase Magic: The Gathering cards on eBay or any other online, Internet-based retailer. The blog ICv2 spoke to a spokesman from Wizards of the Coast, the makers of real Magic: The Gathering cards about this issue. Here is one of the questions posed by ICv2 and the answer from Wizards of the Coast:

Any advice for retailers on distinguishing counterfeit singles from the real thing?

For retailers, we recommend that you pay attention to your business and character instincts and to use your best judgment when dealing with unfamiliar sellers. You may want to ask questions about the card source before buying, verify seller ID, and carefully examine each card before concluding the deal.

What’s a “character instinct” and how does one pay attention to it? They might as well be recommending people use The Force.

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