Los Angeles Rams will not change colors until the 2019 season

Los Angeles Rams will not change colors until the 2019 season - Bent Corner

When I first heard the Rams were returning to Los Angeles, I just assumed they would be going back to the blue and yellow colors. They wore those colors when they left Los Angeles (technically Anaheim) for St. Louis. They then changed their colors to a darker shade of blue and a darker shade of yellow. Both shades were much uglier than what they wore in Los Angeles, in my humble opinion.

Kevin Demoff, executive vice president of football operations for the Los Angeles Rams told the Los Angeles Times that they do not plan on changing the colors until the 2019 season:

The Rams’ uniform issue will be officially discussed for the first time Tuesday at the NFL owners’ meetings. But Demoff said the team would not apply for a change until 2017, putting it on track for implementation in 2019.

The NFL requires a two-year notice before a team can change their uniforms. Since they will start playing in their brand new shiny Inglewood stadium in 2019, waiting until then to switch colors I guess makes sense to them. I guess they think doing both at the same time is good synergy.

I think that is a mistake.

They need to get the Southland excited about the Rams coming back. Keeping the drab colors of St. Louis only serves as a constant reminder that the Rams thought it would be a wise idea to relocate to St. Louis.

Los Angeles Rams will not change colors until the 2019 season - Bent CornerThe Rams will play eight home games in Los Angeles. The NFL allows teams to wear their approved throwback uniforms two home games each season. The Rams’ throwback uniforms are the old blue and yellow uniforms they wore when they first moved to St. Louis. It is the uniform they wore when they won their first Super Bowl. That means the Los Angeles Rams can look like the Los Angeles Rams twice each year. Judging from the official online store of the Los Angeles Rams, it seems they are more than willing to embrace their old colors.

The NFL should not require a team that moves to another city to give a two-year notice they are changing their uniforms. They should allow a team to change uniforms if they change venues. This is especially true if the team is going back to its original city and they want to go back to their original colors and logo.

I hate the St. Louis logo. It looks like the type of logo an NHL team would use for a year or two before moving on to something even worse.

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