Islamist terror attack in London kills seven, injures 48

Three Islamists killed seven people and wounded another 48 last night in England’s capital city. The attack involved ramming a fast-moving vehicle into pedestrians on the London Bridge.

The three Islamists then left their vehicle. All three were wearing what turned out to be fake suicide vests. They then began stabbing people in nearby bars and restaurants.

Police shot and killed the terrorists in less than eight minutes after receiving the first emergency call.

This was the third Islamist terror attack in the UK this year.

Will condemnation of Islamist attacks eventually be regarded as religious bigotry?

I wonder if condemning Islamists attacks will ever get you labeled as a religious bigot. It’s becoming harder and harder to separate Islam from Islamists. Denounce a Muslim for engaging in terrorism? That’s denying them the right to freely exercise their religion.

To some people, religious bigotry is worse than terrorism.

What will happen to the bodies?

I wonder what will happen to the bodies of these three terrorists. In the United States, we allow Muslims to treat the bodies of terrorists with honor and respect.

Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen walked into the Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida. He murdered 49 people with an assault rifle. His body was laid to rest at a Muslim cemetery in South Florida.

American Islamic Institute of Antelope Valley

Muslim terrorists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik walked into a San Bernadino, California office Christmas party. They killed 14 people with assault rifles. Their bodies were laid to rest at a Muslim cemetery in Rosamond, California. It’s run by the American Islamic Institute of Antelope Valley, located in Palmdale, California.

London bridge terror attack

I grew up outside Palmdale. The idea Muslims living in the Antelope Valley buried these two terrorists anywhere near where I grew up is embarrassing. These two terrorists were not members of the American Islamic Institute of Antelope Valley. They had never attended a service there. I think it says a lot about the American Islamic Institute of Antelope Valley if they chose to provide burial services to two Islamists who murdered 14 innocent people.

They can claim Islam is about love and peace all they want, but by burring these two Islamists in their cemetery, they’ve said far more with their actions than they could ever says with their words.

They should only cremate terrorist bodies. They should then dump the ashes in international waters, far from the United States. Carry out a terrorist attack on United States soil, you don’t deserve burial in this country.

If it were up to me, the bodies of terrorists would be fed to pigs. Kill Americans in the name of Allah, your body will end up in the belly of a pig.

London bridge terror attack


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