Let the no SEO experiment begin!

Yesterday I uninstalled Yoast SEO. It’s one of the most popular plugins on the WordPress plugin repository. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Yoast SEO provides tools that make posts and pages more optimized for search engines. The more optimized a post or page is for search engines, the more likely your post or page will appear in the top of a search result on Google.

That’s the theory.

Personally, I find using Yoast SEO to be a major a pain in the ass. Instead of just writing a post and then publishing it, I find myself having to satisfy all the checks performed by Yoast SEO. It turns the act of simple blogging into a lot of work.

Here’s a screenshot from Yoast SEO:

The idea is to turn every dot to green. Considering the type of person I am, when presented with a screen like this, I feel compelled to turn every orange and red dot to green. Blogging becomes less about publishing my thoughts and opinions on the Internet and more about playing a really bad video game.

Before I valued the importance of good Search Engine Optimization, I blogged a lot more than I do now. Not a day went by that I didn’t blog about something. Now, my blogging is a lot more infrequent. I know that if I blog about something on my WordPress blog, I’m going to have to spend time tweaking whatever I write to turn any orange and red dots to green.

Turning orange and red dots to green is not why I started blogging. I started a blog because I thought it would be fun. Optimizing my blog posts for search engines is not fun.

I’m curious to see what will happen. Will my blog’s page views take a dive without using an SEO plugin? More importantly, will not having to concern myself with SEO make blogging fun again?

We shall see.

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