‘Kong: Skull Island’ was boring and I did not like it

'Kong: Skull Island' was boring and I did not like it - Bent Corner

I finally got around to watching Kong: Skull Island and I have to admit, I didn’t like it. I thought it was boring.

Unlike every other King Kong movie made, this one is different in that it takes place in 1973. World War Vietnam is wrapping up. Advances in satellite photography have made it possible to see a secret island in the south Pacific called Skull Island. A government task force is sent to investigate including an Army helicopter squadron called the Sky Devils led by Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard, subtly played by Samuel L Jackson.

'Kong: Skull Island' was boring and I did not like it - Bent Corner
Military genius Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard played by Samuel L Jackson.

I’m kidding. Samuel L Jackson has never played anything subtly. His worst, most over-the-top performances seem to always involve his character wearing a hat. In Kong: Skull Island, his character wears a Vietnam era floppy boonie hat. Lieutenant Colonel Packard is angry because Kong wiped out his fancy helicopter squadron (spoiler alert) and wants to kill Kong in revenge.

If Samuel L Jackson’s character wanted to carry out revenge against the party most responsible for the destruction of his helicopter squadron, than he needed to start with himself. His squadron was a poorly lead, undisciplined group of misfits taken out by a giant gorilla who lacked the ability to fly. It should have been an easy thing for one helicopter to take out King Kong, let alone a whole squadron. Fly to a higher altitude and have the door gunner target the giant gorilla’s head with an M60 machine gun. End of movie, roll credits.  I don’t care how big you are. Take a couple hundred rounds of 7.62 mm to the face, you’re going to giant gorilla heaven.

'Kong: Skull Island' was boring and I did not like it - Bent Corner
The Vietnam era M60 machine gun.

I think the movie might have been better without the Sky Devils.

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