Killed because you do not know the Quran

In Bangladesh, Islamic terrorists seized a restaurant popular with foreigners and executed hostages who couldn’t quote one verse from the Quran.

From USA Today:

By the time the 10-hour siege was over Saturday inside a restaurant in Bangladesh’s capital, 22 people — plus six terrorists — were dead in a bloody attack in which 20 people unable to quote from the Quran were pulled aside and hacked or knifed to death.

There are many ways to die in this thing we call life. Hacked to death because you can’t recite a verse from the Muslim holy book is one of the worst. Islam is a terrible religion practiced by awful people. I’m not saying all Muslims are terrible people. What I am saying is the ratio of good people to terrible people with Islam is the worst out of all the religions. It is not even close.

Another problem with Islam is the severity of its awfulness.The degrees of awfulness with Christianity and Islam are vastly different. A terrible Christian will try to use his religion as an excuse to deny gay people the right to get married. A terrible Muslim will use his religion as an excuse to have rape victims stoned to death.

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  1. Uh no. There are PLENTY of christians who would use the terribleness of their religion to get people stoned to death. It’s just that in most places their power has been broken; give christians power and they’d be beating gay people to death in the streets. It also doesn’t help that the most ass end interpretations of Islam have been given access to fuck loads of money, or that a load of other political issues have been thrown into the cauldron.

    And you’re citing JIHADWATCH of all things? Every mainstream scholar of Islam has denounced that cite and Anders Breivik directly cites it as a source of inspiration.

    Historically Islam had a better track record for most of it’s history when it came to treating Jews and other religious minorities better

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