Kansas City Chiefs fans boo faux unity

Kansas City Chiefs fans boo fake unity - Bent Corner

As a former Los Angeles Raiders fan, I have an automatic feeling of revulsion towards anything relating to the Kansas City Chiefs. I do not like the team or their fans. I feel the same way about the Broncos, Chargers, and Seahawks. Before the Seahawks were put in the NFC, the team was in the AFC West division alongside the Los Angeles Raiders.

I am now a fan of Kansas City Chiefs fans

With all that said, I was incredibly proud of the Kansas City Chiefs fans who were in attendance at the first game fo the NFL 2020 season. Not only was I proud of them, but I am now a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs fanbase. They are awesome.

This is how they responded to the players engaging in fake virtue signaling, pretending that we are unified. They booed.

We had unity when we all stood for the national anthem

We are not unified. Not anymore. Unity died when the divisive act of not standing for the national anthem became something to celebrate and respect. We had unity when we all stood as Americans and respected our flag and our national anthem. It was a shared American experience we participated in. It helped to remind us that we were all Americans living in the greatest country in the world.

Is our country perfect? No, no country is perfect. Our country has always been a work in progress. What makes our country great is we continue to strive to do better.

Our unity is now gone. The NFL and its players saw to that. They now have the unmitigated gall to invoke unity when they were directly complicit in destroying our unity. No thanks.

I hope more fans do something similar when given the opportunity. You know the fans did the right thing when you look at the people who are angry with them because of it.

Why does Julie DiCaro hate free speech?

And this by the author of the above linked Deadspin article:

Booing is speech, is it not? Why is a member of the Twitter blue-checkmark elite railing against free speech at a sporting event? We are supposed to look up to people like Julie DiCaro. That’s why she has a blue checkmark next to her name. I thought free speech at a sporting event was a virtue, something to be celebrated.

I guess not.

Out of respect for the Kansas City faithful, I will no longer automatically root for the team their team is playing. It is the least I can do. Besides, I am a (secret) fan of Patrick Mahomes. Please don’t tell Jim Plunkett.

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