I will not vote for Kamala Harris

I will not vote for Kamala Harris - Bent Corner

The first of the Democratic Party presidential debate took place this week. It had to be held over of the course of two nights, Wednesday and Thursday. It had to be split up in two parts because there are over 20 candidates running for the Democratic nominee.

NBC/MSNBC hosted the debates and did an even worse job than I expected them to do.

There is a lot to unpack from those two nights. One of the most egregious displays of ridiculousness was that of Sen. Kamala Harris. She decided to go after former Vice-President Joe Biden over his stance against federal court-ordered busing in the 1970s.

What was busing?

I will not vote for Kamala Harris - Bent Corner

Busing was the practice of sending some white students to majority-black schools and some black students to majority-white schools. School districts “bused” students far away from where they lived and the schools their parents paid for through property taxes. Although some black students were sent to better schools, some white kids were sent to worse schools. To say the practice was unpopular is an understatement. If Harris wants to travel back in time and go after everyone who was against busing in the 1970s, she better pack a lunch. It’s going to take her a long time.

By pointing out that Joe Biden worked to stop federal court-ordered busing in 1977, Kamala Harris tried to paint Biden as some sort of mint julep sipping segregationalist. She wanted to make it seem Biden is somehow disqualified for the White House now because he was opposed to federal court-ordered busing four decades ago. Good luck with that. It seems Harris wants the American people to think Barack Obama chose a white supremacist to be his running mate.

I reject that. Something tells me I’m not alone.

In conclusion

Speaking as someone who leans left on most issues, I despise Democrats who want to go back in time and rehash issues.  We need a president who firmly resides in the here and now, not the past. The American people need a president who looks to the future, not the past. If Kamala Harris wants to fight the political battles of the 1970s, she has no business in the White House. I will never vote for her.

1 thought on “I will not vote for Kamala Harris”

  1. Spot on. I think Democrats are making crucial mistake… again… They think that their voters will unite against primaries winner, like conservatives
    do, no matter what. They are wrong. If anyone will win the bid using same crap as Harris did – lots of us will not support this person, even if it means letting Trump win.

    I am a long time democrat and so far considering Mayor Pete as most interesting choice against Trump, not in small part because he would never resort to such disgusting tactics as Harris.

    What does it matter what Biden was for in 1970? Obama was against gay adoptions in 2008, yet he evolved and that was accepted. Harris attack on Biden was racist and benefited only Donald Trump.

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