Justin Turner is still whining about the 2020 World Series

I was disappointed to see that the Los Angeles Dodgers resigned Justin Turner. They gave the 36-year-old third baseman a two-year, $34 million deal.

I wanted the Dodgers and Turner to go separate ways. Mostly because of the dangerous, narcissistic behavior he displayed after the Dodgers won the World Series. Even though he was removed during the game due to testing positive for COVID-19, he returned to the field to selfishly celebrate with his teammates, people who didn’t test positive for COVID-19.

Justin Turner was a walking, talking selfish superspreader of coronavirus

It was confirmed he had COVID-19. He put his own selfish desires above the health and safety of everyone else on the field. Coincidently, nine members of the Dodgers tested positive for COVID-19 about two weeks after the World Series. He seems oblivious to what he did and the image he projected. Even now, it’s still all about him.

From Twitter:

Justin Turner is an egocentric man-baby

Justin Turner was sitting in isolation, watching the World Series on TV because of the risk he posed to others. When he watched his Dodgers teammates jump into a dogpile in celebration, he felt like he was watching the Astros and Red Sox celebrate their World Series win over the Dodgers.

What an idiot.

As I write this, 500,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. Because of safety protocols in place, many of them died alone in the hospital. Their loved ones were not at their side to say their final goodbyes. Justin Turner refusing to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols agreed upon by Major League Baseball and Players Association was an insult to them and their loved ones.

He just had to go back out on the field. Even now, he’s sore because he couldn’t participate in a dogpile.

Maybe he should share his pain with people who lost a family member to COVID-19, knowing they died alone. If he asks politely, maybe they’ll even agree to dogpile with him.

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