Jordan Chariton, fired ‘Young Turks’ reporter sues ‘HuffPost’

From Politico:

A former reporter for the digital program “The Young Turks” is suing HuffPost for $23.5 million, alleging libel and defamation over a since-deleted post detailing allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him.

The reporter is Jordan Chariton. I don’t know if he’s a creep or not. If he’s ever gone on the record as a male feminist, then I’d say the chances of him being a creepy pervert are fairly high.

I don’t trust anyone who claims to be a male feminist. It’s just a simple rule of thumb, but it’s one that’s served me well.

This story intrigues me on many levels. The Young Turks employs reporters? I thought they used unpaid interns to lift stories from the mainstream news and then their on-camera personalities offer their fresh perspective on the story. By that, I mean whatever Armenian holocaust denier Cenk Uygur, believes on the matter.

I truly wasn’t aware any real reporting went on over at The Young Turks, let alone they possessed paid journalists. Now I know.


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