Joe Biden: ‘Now is the time for racial justice’

I found this Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ad somewhat… interesting. This is one of the things Biden had to say:

Why in this nation do Black Americans wake up knowing that they can lose their lives through the course of just living their life?

Biden and Harris then immediately launch into talking about reforming the police.

According to The Washington Post, in 2019, the police shot and killed 999 people. Of that number, a total of 55 people were unarmed. Out of those 55 people, 25 were white, and 14 were black. What does this mean? Statistically, if you want to avoid getting shot and killed by the police, you should try to be an unarmed black person.

I wonder why the ad failed to mention that.

Another good way of ensuring the police do not visit violence upon you is to do precisely what they tell you to do, no matter what. Do not resist arrest.

Too bad the ad did not mention not resisting arrest. It is good advice.

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