Joe Biden does not take COVID-19 seriously

Joe Biden does not take COVID-19 seriously - Bent Corner
Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty

Joe Biden, our 79-year-old president, tested positive for COVID-19 again. He tested negative on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Then this morning he tested positive again.

Joe Biden does not take COVID-19 seriously - Bent Corner

He seems to think it’s important that we all know he will continue “working” while he waits to get over COVID-19. You know, the super-serious disease that killed over one million Americans.

Biden is 79 years young. He needs to rest and wait for his dusty, antique immune system to beat the virus into submission.

Even if he’s lying about working through COVID-19, it sends the wrong message. Don’t laugh, but the President of the United States used to be a role model. Presidents used to conduct themselves in a way that others could emulate. They were leaders. Now? Not so much.

If you test positive for COVID-19, isolate and rest. Don’t do what our president claims to be doing. Do not continue to work through the infection. Just because Joe Biden is a sorry excuse for a leader, does not mean you need to be one too.

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